How to Unroll/Smash as one object

When I try to smash an object to get cut files for them. I get separation in the object in the picture shown.
How could I prevent this from happening? I have explode off and keep properties on.

Test Unroll.3dm (103.4 KB)

Hi Dakota - this surface looks a little dodgy to me -

if you look right here:

the corner point on that surface is placed so that the U and V directions there are colinear

In general you should avoid that condition: Adjacent edges on the untrimmed surface being tangent to one another.

Forward of that, the complex area with multiple surfaces seems unnecessarily complex to me, probably because it is having to deal with that weird non-corner corner. It looks like it can probably be put together somerhing like this:


Thank you for the help. This is an import from Fusion 360. I’m still trying to learn my way around Rhino. I am going crazy trying to edit the lines on the surface. Could you point me in the right direction so I can recreate the lines in a way that they stay together similar to the way you have?

Are you referring to the “isocurves” which are part of the display of surfaces?

I guess I wouldn’t change the isocurves if that is just a display and not a real part of the object. If that is the case how did Pascal get to the view that he is in now?

Isocurves are on the surface.

Recommendations for learning your way around Rhino are the User’s Guide and Level 1 Training Manual.

Test Unroll.3dm (130.1 KB)

I recreated the curves in Rhino and it unrolls much cleaner now! Is there a way to lock a line so that when it unrolls it remains straight and curves just one line?
For example is there a way to lock the red line to remain as a straight line when unrolled and the blue one curves as needed? Or is that just impossible with the given constraints I gave it in the drawing?

UnrollSrf tries to unroll the surface with as little distortion as possible. To keep one line straight would require a large amount of shearing of the surface.