How to union different planes to make simluation of inflated model


I have complicated model that consits from different planes. This model is the inflated model, and I want to create the simulation of how it will be inflated, but I can`t do that because during simulation my model explode and all planes fly away in different directions.

If someone can help me to fix this mistake,

Thank you for attention.


Try this demo for the current version of Kangaroo:

You’ll need to triangulate whatever mesh it is you are inflating, and make sure it is a clean, manifold mesh. Also, because the pressure is proportional to the area of the faces, you may need to use a very low value for the strength, depending on the size of your model. Try something like 0.001


I did triangulation and also I changed pressure, but it didn`t work. It works only for primitive geometry shapes, that could be created in Grasshopper.

Could you give me your contacts to figure out exactly how to fix it!?

Thank you for attnetion.

Perhaps this post is helpful:

Hello, thank you, but where can I find additional files of KANGAROO2 2.4.3?

You’ll need the current version from here

(That’s 2.4.2, but the file above should still work)


That’s the one