How to ungroup a welded object

I have used BooleanUnion to “weld” a horizontal member and several vertical members as the attached drawing shown.
Now I want to “deweld” them as the previous shape.
I use explode command but the whole object will be broken down to too many little surfaces!
What can I do?
unweld.3dm (1.5 MB)

Keep the original members around and weld copies of them?

yes at @AlW in general it s a good idea to keep the objects of a boolean operation and use a nice layer-structure.

to answer your question:
As your geometry is quite simple - only extrusion:
just redraw the initial extrusions:

and to answer “how to ungroub / unweld”:
_unjoinEdge (will be more selective then explode)
_untrim (to close holes)

a bit more dirty / aggressive
_selDup + Delete
(manual search for duplicated surfaces also…)

I hope above command list gives some Ideas for project specific workflows.

kind regards -tom

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ExtractSurface is the right-mouse click on the Explode icon.
It will extract just one selected surface from the Joined BREP.

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