How to unfix vertices

Some newbie questions:

  • What is the opposite command to etSetVertexFixed? How can I ‘unfix’ vertices again?

  • Same for etSetVertexCorner… what if I set vertices by accident? Is there a way to release them?

  • EvoluteTools have a different polygon mesh data structure. Is there a way to convert ET meshes to Rhino meshes? (given the polygons have 4 vertices at max)


Workaround for 3:

  • unweld _0.0
  • explode
  • join
  • etWeld

That creates a fresh Evolute mesh, with no extra data attached.

Had the problem that etOptimize folds the mesh badly after messing with etVertexFixed etc. etc., and I could not figure why. It works again after that.
Yes, I’m new to ET… =}