How to turn off auto-show-controlpoints?

I have tried to love the new “auto-show-controlpoints” for selected objects mode, but it is driving me crazy when working on large files, so how do I turn it off?

It has great potential for isolated surface and curve modelling and editing, but isn’t desirable at all when I don’t want to edit the stuff I am selecting and working with. So a quick turn-on turn-off option for this automode, similar to F7 to toggle grid etc, would be great!


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But that is only for curve, light and annotation, not other objects… (I was about to post a similar screencapture :wink: )

The macro for toggling this option would be:

_-Options _Mouse _SelectionAndMiddleButton _AutomaticPointsOn !


Under MOUSE??? But that is surely a modelling aid setting…
I would never have looked there in a million years :smiley:

Thanks and I hope they move it.

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Yea - that’s not where I was looking for it either…
Under Rhino Options > Advanced these settings are still under "Rhino.Options.General. […].

We’ll see what moves where…
At any rate, it’s pretty easy to find things under “Advanced”.

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