How to trim surface with curves in Grasshopper?

Dear All

I have generated a set of curves on a surface as attached files and need to trim the surface with these curves.
I know that boundary srf will work but only on a planar condition. Would anyone know how to work this out please?

Many thanks!
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trim surface.3dm (236.7 KB)
trim (8.6 KB)

Hej Yutaka,

I came up with this:
I replaced the sphere with a circle around the center point of each segment (one version uses Isotrim like you did, one uses lunchbox), projected the curves onto the surface and then used surface split.
Sadly projection and split make the script little slow :frowning:

trim (12.1 KB)

Dear Danielbent

That’s exactly what I needed, thank you so much, it works a bit differently from the native Rhino trim which allows curves to be placed beyond the edges.

Many thanks!