How to transfer 2 Curves from Rhino to Grasshopper?

Hi everyone,

First time using grasshopper, and I am trying to work through a tutorial for a class. The first step describes “2 curves being drawn in Rhino and imported into Grasshopper (by two Curve components renamed as Curve 01 and Curve 02) and then divided into ten parts.”

My problem, though, is that I don’t even know where to begin. I tried copy/pasting the two curves from Rhino (pictured below), but since it didn’t work, I guess that’s not possible. I then tried the Export Selected command from Rhino, but I don’t know which file extension to use.

Honestly, any help on how to even complete these first two steps would be appreciated.


2 curves modeled

Hi jricha - please see


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Ah, helpful as always Pascal! Many thanks!