How to spread curves for laser cutting

I need to find way to spread contour curves into XY-Axis as “flattened” for laser cutting. Is there command in grasshopper for that, or could it be done in rhino?

in grasshopper, you could orient them to a grid with a cell size of the biggest item.

Sample file for this? Im not very proficient with GH commands.

please upload your grasshopper file with internalised data (anything that’s referenced from rhino - right click that component in grasshopper and choose “internalise data”) so we can work with it. while i’m happy to help i don’t want to specifically recreate your setup.

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Btw there are 100000 files around the forum. In every waffle script thread, this will be shown.

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Here is file I’m dealing with at the moment. Rhino file contains imported 3D object from Blender 3D.

So ending result requires commands that will align resulting curves into same plane for laser cutting (rotated into xy-axis and spread evenly perhaps?)

contour 360 (5.7 KB)
contour 360 degree rhino object.3dm (164.6 KB)

Like this case, if you are using Planes for sectioning, you’ll need to get rid of duplicated sections…

contour 360 (35.0 KB)

Thanks that helped me lot to proceed with my job :slight_smile:

But is there any simpler command nodes to do same, because im not so familiar with math complex nodes in grasshopper? Or any useful guides/tutorials that would explain simple logic how to build nodes like these?

Then, you might want to try Bowerbird plugin.

contour 360 (30.5 KB)

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