How to sort tA in Multiple Curve Intersection

I am using the Multiple Curve Intersection node to split many curves into fragments. But I am a bit confused about how to use the iA (index) to sort the incoming curves and apply the proper tA so that the curves shatter properly. Is there some node like a multiple split, that will take the iA paths as input and split out the curves and tA so I can route them into a shatter? Perhaps a script would be the best approach? Just wondering if anyone has a good way to easily manage separating out many branches in a simple way. (16.2 KB)

This could be one way. (27.1 KB)

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Try this (18.2 KB)


I thought I understood MCX (Multiple Curves Intersection) at one time but if I did, it escapes me now. The white group is a simple surface split using all the curves. Disable preview on that to see other results from the ‘iA/tA’ and ‘iB/tB’ groups using the ‘Tree/List Viewer’. It makes sense sometimes but not all the time. :thinking: (39.4 KB)

P.S. Connect the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ to the output of @seghierkhaled’s model and it looks good!? Not quite sure why…? :thinking:

P.P.S. The ‘Tree/List Viewer’ also makes sense when connected to Shatter in @HS_Kim’s model, but that code is even more mysterious to me.

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Index are of the duplicates points where the output cull them all.
with this method it’s turn them duplicated again and every point have 2 parameters

Sorry don’t cull them but are not separated by index

Thanks for posting your code, I understand it better than your explanation. Seems to me that MCX would be far less confusing with only three outputs (‘P’, ‘I’ and ‘t’) instead of five.

These are all brilliant answers! Each is unique, solving difficult problems that I would not have thought to do. I never understood sets before, so your solutions demonstrate beautifully how to use them to sort and multi select. Thank you! The McNeel guys should put one of these examples in the help docs on for this amazing but cryptic node.

The list of create set must be sorted or use original index of curves list

shatter (8.7 KB)


Well, well, a different set of curves breaks the algorithm. That is very interesting indeed that sorting fixes the problem (in this case, at least) but I wish I understood why?

Oh. The ‘K’ and ‘A’ outputs of Sort List are identical yet MIndex fails using ‘K’ instead of ‘A’? That makes no sense to me at all, though I can guess it’s because MIndex is comparing memory locations of the set, just as Item Index does?

That being the case, I think this is the best summary of your solution. Thank you again.

shatter (21.4 KB)