How to show calculation process in grasshopper

Hi there

I have a simple multiplication of 2 sets of numbers here and
I wonder is there a component that can show the calculation process ( at the moment its only showing the results with the panel)
calulation (9.9 KB)

not sure I really understood what you want to see…

calulation (11.8 KB)

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Hi Inno

Yes that’s what I needed, thanks so much. I thought Gh would have a component to show the calculation process. This method is smart, thanks a lot!


Another method would be to use an Expression component. This allows you to use .Net string formatting (right-aligned columns of numbers in this example).

calulation (12.1 KB)

I’m sure there are many more ways of accomplishing this.


Hi Kev

Thank you very much for the great suggestion, my honor to meet all the genius people here!

Great Thanks for the inspiration!!