How to set a global annotation style in Rhino

How do you add a annotation style that will automatically open with a new Rhino project?

I’ve created a new style so many times, but it never seems to be remembered?

Hey Simon -

In the dialog that you show a picture of, all settings under the “Document Properties” heading are just that, document properties. Everything under the “Rhino Options” heading are global application settings.

When you start a new file, all document properties are taken from the template file that you start with. To make a custom template, simply start with the one that you have been starting with, make your custom changes, and then use the SaveAsTemplate command to make it easier to put this new file in the same folder as the default templates. This is not required, though.

In Rhino Options -> Files you can select a 3dm file that will be used as the default template when you start Rhino.

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Cool , I did not know any of that. Thanks a lot !