How to reorganize a list

Good morning,
still runing on Grasshopper and try to go deeper.
So, actually I try to re-organize my model to find one logic list

I build a rectangle surface from grasshopper points.
On this surface I divide it with Diamond Panel ( Visually equal edge )
I would like to realize a complete list with all triangle ( visualized with there center point )
and this list must be reorganize :

  1. Black number , complete list from merge or replace
  2. Green number, list I want

I try different option without any success.
I suppose I have to use one list tools or tree tool ?

In fact I want to divide all the triangle in subdivision triangles and put on each triangle one model I create earlier.

Attach file grasshopper file and image of pattern I have to create.

Nike (7.7 KB)

Sorry my first request was not really clear …
I hope than the problem look clear now

Many thanks

Nike (8.4 KB)

Good morning ( French time )
(same man with professional account)

Apparently, you compare the distance between the center of each diamond curve and X axe.
And reorganize the list with this parameter.
Well done I will explore these tools deeper.

Many thanks Jay.

Just to show the result

Many thanks