How to renominate mouse buttons?

Hi, everybody! I need to renominate mouse buttons - the right button performs all functions of the left button and vice versa? How it is correct to adjust Rhino?

Hello - the mouse settings that Rhino can change are in Options > Mouse page. Other than for those, Windows and your mouse driver will be in charge.


I don’t see the necessary control :confused:

If you like, you can change the Mouse behavior globally, not just in Rhino. And when you’re done with Rhino you can change it back if you like. Go to Control Panel, Mouse, and in the Buttons TAB check the option Switch primary and secondary buttons, click Apply and OK.

I am aware, but I need to change a mouse only for Rhino :wink:

people why dont you ask google for this stuff really…
there are scripts which let you switch the orientation with an f button.
here for example if you want to have it automatically there are little plugins like this

no idea if those work but i am sure there are zillions of alternatives.

RichardZ, I assumed that there is a control for change of a mouse in Rhino, but there are no times of function - will get used :sunglasses:

there was a discussion on the forum that those buttons are hardcoded and not changeable. obviously rhino does not deliver such an option so changing it externally is your only option i believe and those are not so bad maybe you try it. are you left handed? i read some just use the mouse on the other side and keep the configuration.

No, just at me the left mouse button is buggy

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if you dont want to let go on your fancy mouse you can exchange the buttons pretty fast. with a very crude soldering iron that can be done in 5-10 minutes. the switch costs less than a role of toilet paper. even good ones are pretty cheap.

here a how to video not sure if it is perfectly edited but the music is worth watching it :smiley:

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I will note… :thinking: