How to render realistic rubber-like material?

Hello all.
I tried to search for help, but didn´t find any emptying solutions, so here we go.

I´m modelling a smallish medical device in witch I´ve been struggling to create a material
that would meet my needs. What I´m trying to achieve, is mostly matte, rubber-like material, that
does not look like hard plastic in the rendering. Here´s a reference picture for what I´m trying to achieve.

Any help is very much appreciated. The more detailed tips, the better. Materials, lights, environment etc.

Thank you all in advance.


I’d suggest using a Flamingo Advanced material set to the Glossy type and then position rectangular lights and adjust their color and intensity as needed for your specific view. I’d also use the Path Tracer engine in nXt instead of the Default one. Here’s a quick file I set up to help explain.

nXt5_soft_touch_example.3dm (791.0 KB)

Thanks for the tips, I will definitely try this.

With path tracer renderer, how long did it aprox. take to make that picture?
As I wrote, I need to render presentation pictures from the device itself, but also pictures where a push-through blister pill sheet is attached to the device. The pill sheet has a high gloss surface on it, do you think that path tracer will manage to produce good results with high gloss materials also?

Render speed on that one was a couple minutes here if I recall. Materials, lighting, the pixel dimensions and of course the hardware you run a render on are all factors in speed. The best thing to do is to set up tests on your own system making one change at a time to see where the biggest slow downs are. For instance, you may find that your speed is greatly increased if the product is floating versus sitting on a ground plane. Good luck on your project.