How to render price on client side

I’m currently trying to render price on client side but not quite sure how to do it. The price is in a ShapeDiverDataOutput in grasshopper, and as far as i know its no way to access that on the direct embedding, only backend access. So that means I can only render price if i init a session?

I am a bit confused how this workflow are supposed to work, i did try with postman to init session, where i could get access to the price, but not able to update the session, only close and export.

If anyone got some idea how this workflow normally work where u have your price in grasshopper and want to render it on the site for the client as he configure his product.

I am not sure I understand your question. If you have used a ShapeDiverDataOutput, you don’t need the backend access to read the value of the data. You can do it directly from the embedded model using the javascript call:


Let me know if I misunderstood the issue.

Yes this did did it for me thanks, somehow i missed it even tho it was so simple, i was able to access all other data beside the price but it’s working now thanks alot!! :smiley: