How to remove one or more commands from the Rhino?

How to remove one or more commands from the Rhino?


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What do you mean by “remove” a command - disable the command so it does not execute? Or back up?

To back up use Undo, UndoSelected or UndoMultiple

Hi davidcockey!
I mean delete from the list of commands :slight_smile:
Or, in extreme cases, block the command or off.
Is that possible?
This command, which prevents me from working, called _tsEditMode.
It is often included spontaneously when I do not need. when there is no need for this
It comes with tspline plugin

I don’t understand how that happens.

I suppose you could make an alias for tsEditMode and either point it to a safe command or to a non-existing command. In the latter case you will get a Unknown command: error but that shouldn’t cause harm.

You can disable plug-ins in the PlugInManager. Doing so will disable any commands that come with the plug-in

Now I realized that this command can not be undone. In this case, a plugin is not working ((
I am sure that this bug - a defect of the plugin developers.
But it may be possible to fix it in using Rhino settings? (But I doubt it)
The essence of the problem is:

This bug was faulty and moved to TS 4.
Unable to move selected points and edges are on the back side tspline surface.
The bug occurs only when the active tsEditMode

!-_tsEditMode _Enabled=_On

And with active Shaded or tsShiny DisplayMode.
But bug is not observed if the active Wireframe and Ghosted

This video clearly demonstrated