How to reduce points on Curve

I did the command “FitCrv” but it made the curve different even though it did remove the points. Is there any better way to reduce the points, but still keep the curve shape? The circled curved in blue is the bi-product of the “FitCrv” command, which I am trying to get more like the curve to the right.

It looks like if you Exploded the original top curve, it would separate into a straight piece and a fairly uniformly curved piece.
Rebuild the curved piece and pay attention to the deviation. With fewer points it will not be identical.
Then Join the straight piece on it again.

Any luck?

Posting a 3dm file is almost always a better option than a screenshot.

Hi Cameron - I would not expect FitCrv output to be that far off unless the tolerance is quite high compared to the scale of the object. Please post the original curves in a Rhino file and someone will have a look.


Rhino Curve and Offset Issue.3dm (10.4 MB)

Hi Cameron - I’d say @John_Brock was on the right track- the three straight sides are fine - Explode the curve and deal with the top bit which is a mess. I would split off the straight part on the right from the curved part - make a line where the stright part is and BlendCrv makes a pretty good thing if you blend to the line for curvature and use the Point option for the far end:

There are other ways, but that seems pretty good. You can then join it all up again into a closed curve.


If the curve can’t be exploded would the next best thing be to split it? Because it is a single curve segment which Rhino is saying it can’t explode

Hello- the overall curve explodes, the top one by itself does not - I split it - you can split with the Point option and locate the knot (Knot osnap) right at the place where the CurvatureGraph shows straight bit ends and the curve starts:

Replace the straight part with a line and then blend that off to a point (End osnap) at the far end - adjust the points inside the BlendCrv command to fine tune it to the bad curve’s shape.