How to read mutiple sheet data from Excel


I was wondering if there is a way to read mutiple sheets at the same time and get all the data from those sheets. Now when i try to do that, it doesnt give me all the data per sheet. It overwrites the last sheet data with the previous one over the rows of the last sheet.

So is there a way to get both sheet data out of one component, if not, is there a way to combine data tree’s together so its one long list of branches? Example: tree 1 has 30 branches and tree 2 has 25. I want to make one tree of those both so the list will have 55 branches in total.

I used the ReadExcelSheet component.



I’ve used the ExcelWrite component extensively but couldn’t get the ExcelDynamicRead component to work with multiple sheets unfortunately.

I was able to import data from two sheets with NPOI_Excel but only statically.

I have used this one also, but i cant use 1 component to read both sheets. I try to get both sheets in one data tree or if thats not possible, make two read components and “merge” both the trees together as one without affecting eachother. Is there a way for that?

Which one?

With NPOI the sheets seemed to import nicely in a good data tree

Yes, but if you input 2 sheet numbers, it overwrites the last sheets numbers. So one sheet number works fine, but when you try to insert 2 sheet numbers in 1 component, it doesnt work.

with NPOI?

Yes, with NPOI. The problem is the data output. For example:

If you insert 2 sheets where sheet 1 has 30 rows and sheet 2 50 rows, the output data tree is the first 30 rows of the first sheet and then the next 20 rows of the 2nd sheet, so it misses the first 20 rows from the second sheet.

For some reason it works now also with ExcelWrite ExcelDynamicRead component. Dynamic

I think i need to update my components, because i dont see that one between my components with multiple sheets, but that look much better. Is there also a way to combine those outputs as one tree? So that the output of sheet 2 just getting pasted underneath the output of sheet 1 and becomes 1 data tree?

Thanks for the info Martin!

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