Complex Excel Data Dynamic Read


I am using Excel Dynamic Read to read coordinate inputs for drawing several closed polyline.

I have total coordinate set of 5 (Column) X 12 (Row) closed polyline input data

Each closed polyline set has 4 coordinate input data as shown in the attached excel file.

At the moment I am making this Excel read too complicated in GH and I was able to make a read only for 7 polylines coordinate set, please find the attached GH.

Could some one please clarify is there a simple way to read coordinate set of 5 (Column) X 12 (Row) closed polyline input data using excel dynamic read component.

and how to remove the null coordinate set items from the data tree, if they are empty in the excel sheet.

Please find Excel & GH file in the attached Zip



3_Complex Excel (28.1 KB)


I was able to solve this issue by compiling the {X,Y,Z} straight in the excel file and then Import to GH using Excel Dynamic Read Component.

I am not sure is this effective solution, but this is the only solution I was able to get.

Please find the attached GH & Excel file.

If there is any other simple solution or Idea please advise.



3_Complex Excel Data (39.0 KB)

One suggestion: export the columns of data you want to a .csv file and use the standard GH Read File component instead of the Excel Dynamic Read Component plugin.

Hi Joseph,

Thank for the input

Assuming GH Read file is a static read ! Since I haven’t used them

Yes that’s one possibility, but in this case I was aiming for a dynamic read.