How to prevent DimAligned from continuing from the last dimension?

It seems that DimAligned, i.e. Aligned Dimension, will always continue from the last dimension it created.

(Sure that there is an option NewChain to choose to start a new dimension.)

I’d like to ask how to disable this default behavior so that DimAligned will always start a new dimension.


is this what you are looking for ? !
Screenshot 2022-01-05 085746

Thanks, @JP-Mike

The Continue option will disable continuous annotation within one single DimAligned command. Once I’m done, and the next time I run a new DimAligned command, it will start from the end point of the last dimmension created by the previous DimAligned command.

TheNewChain option as shown below will disable this “continue from the last dimmension” function. But I have to do this mannually every time I want to add dimmension from a new position other than the end point of the previous one.

Hi -

I can’t reproduce that behavior here. Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.
Also, how are you calling the DimAligned command?

I set an alias (keybinding) “dd” for “DimAligned”, as show below. Typing “dimaligned” in the command line also calls it.