How to populate value list based on selection made by other value list for Shapediver?

I use the Human Item Selector to get the simple results I’m looking for but it’s not supported on shapediver, is there something similar that works in shapediver?

Item Selector (1).gh (20.7 KB)

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The standard Value List does the job and it will appear in ShapeDiver as a drop-down menu. You can also use Concatenate and Panel to create content for the Value List.

Item Selector (1) (38.6 KB)

Sorry, I see now that I did not ask the question right. I’m looking for something that will auto populate a list of options when a new selection is made, for instance, there are different sizes to choose from when A-Frame is selected but the size availability changes when Dutch Barn is selected.

Manipulating inputs is not allowed in ShapeDiver so this can be done with building a custom UI using the API. Learn more in the documentation and the API reference.

The code sample below shows how to build basic UI elements on top of a ShapeDiver model, a collection of code examples is here.

Thank you, makes sense, I’ll pass this over to the web guy.