How to plot cassini ovals and pear curves? possible to use cartesian equations?

i was able to plot a piriform curve with grasshopper using parametric equations

i’d also like to plot cassini ovals and pear curves. however, the parametric equations for these are super hairy. is there a way to use cartesian equations, set up a different workflow? i’ve monkeyed around for hours but haven’t found a way forward.

any help would be much appreciated.

It is implicit equation you can draw the surface they represent and find the intersection with a plane. Search on old grasshopper there must be some examples

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all you need to do is thinking one dimension higher. So what Laurent says…
However I would never ever create a curve like this. What speaks against drawing it?

Anyways, (9.2 KB)

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ahaaa. thank you. i was so stuck in a graphing-calculator mindset.