How to move control points proportionally to Normal direction (on surface and on curve)

I would like to move control points on the surface and on curve proportionally (mainly in Normal direction).

I know about SoftMove command but it works only with radial falloff not with linear one and I can`t see option for moving according to Normal direction. This flat plane is an only a simple example of my question.

If you have access to Rhino 7 you can use SoftTransform, for now it only works on mesh and Sub-D objects.


Yes, I have Rhino 7 WIP. Thanks but I`ve thought rather about something like that (for control points of curves and surfaces - not for subd):



Edit: In Alias there is something like Curve Stretch. Has Rhino something similar? This is not same but also will help me a bit

cage edit using a curve as a control object may get you there-

this is a little known superpower of cage edit-


Kyle, This is great! As much as I love Modo’s multiple falloffs, I’m also aware that they are nerd AF, and most likely very intimidating/alienating for most Rhino users.

I would be great to see a streamlined tool to on the fly let us do some of that cageedit-powered approach. I’m sure @pascal can cook up some recipes to see what works best.




I promise to study the problem using all available braincells.


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make an alias for cage edit with a pause for picking the control curve and you’d have a 1ish click solution-

Thanks a lot. After seeing that usage I`m glad that I’ve posted the question :slight_smile: I promise to use it a lot :slight_smile:


It works well over surfaces. Is it possible to do it without changing control points? Changing shape adding a lot of new control points. I would like to keep the current count of control points. Is this possible?

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Hello - when you set up the control, make sure to set 'PreserveStructure=Yes"


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Thanks. It works well :slight_smile: This is so handy :slight_smile:

You can set the main Cplane to your plane and use SoftMove then you can select other points that you don’t wanna move. Then run “setPt” command (Only enable the “Set Z” option) and click on any points on the plane.

@Pedram-Kazemi :
Thanks, it’s quite interesting what you have written about but I’m not sure how could I assign Cplane to a curved shape plane. It will be averaged. This shape has cross section like arch from every side. That method will flat it out. Maybe I’m wrong.
Could you show that on the same example as mine (I`ve uploaded the scene as an attachment)?

kula_wycieta (rhino 7).3dm (348.6 KB)

Shear, Twist, Rotate, Scale, Scale1D, Scale2D, ScaleNU, etc can be used directly on selected control points.


I’d add Taper to the mix as well - I use that fairly often!

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You can do that method in a planar surface with exact same size, then you can use FlowAlongSrf command to match it to the target surface.

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