How to model an Oloid

Hi everyone!
I’m curious for different ways to model an oloid? I’ve got this one with 4 2railSweeps and a Join. Something doesn’t feel right because when unrolled I get the difference between starting and flattened area. I believe those should be the same with developable surfaces, right?


oloid.3dm (438.5 KB)

Hello - try DevLoft on pairs of arcs.


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Thanks Pascal!

Unroll works well with this method!
However, the display of a polysurface becomes faceted after I join the surfaces together. Is this solely display issue and can it be solved somehow?
On the left is the joined closed polysurface. Right are the 4 surfaces.

With zebra everything appears right :slight_smile:

oloid_for_upload.3dm (617.3 KB)


nice,could you upload the model?

In the previous post. (edited)

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It’s just a side effect of the default meshing settings. If you use custom mesh setting, the surface is rendered properly.


That’s great! Thanks! :wink: