Geometry disappear in grasshopper with osculating circles


I create an oloïd in grasshopper but I have two problems

The first one is that I have 4 surfaces for create my oloïd and I can’t join them. So I’m forced to bake them and use the command mergesrf in rhino

Secondly when I want to create a point who can move on the surface, and see the osculating circle on it, sometime the geometry disappear and I didn’t know why.

The osculating circle is good there

But there all disappear

If anyone can help me I will be very enjoy (62.0 KB)


it seems to work here. But it is no more a surface

For the visibility I have the same problem. It seems mainly due to the fact that the geometry is very big.
10^15 is very very very … big

Hide the output of this component and put just a curve component to the first circle.=> doesn’t work … Don’t know what to do.

Struggling with this same problem.
I wish there was an automatic conversion to line for very large radii , like there is with “Arc 3pt”.