How to merge Branches but keep it tree

Hi I’m trying to figured out how can I merge branches and keep tree.
This problem I have also in more complicated project and this is just example :slight_smile:

I would like to merge “red colour” branches {0;0} up to {0;7}. and get {0;0} etc.
with keeping the green colours branches ( not like Trim )

Because i want to have just 3 curves in this case but still I would like to do it through tree (14.3 KB)

I tried to trim, shift adn Path Mapper but with no right results.

201130_Offset_Both_Sides_R6.3dm (40.4 KB)

not sure if I got your question right :slight_smile: (16.7 KB)

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Yes It’s look right but it doesn’t do what I would like to Do. Result should to merg Curve 0 and 1.
And be able to select each curves

  • I still have a feeling that this {A;B} → {A;0} just rewrite all elemnts in 0 thas mean not merging but erasing

Don’t forget to internalize data

Can you be more specific please ? I don’t understand what you mean

Your curves are not available in the script

Uploaded :wink:

201130_Offset_Both_Sides_R6.3dm (40.4 KB)

I use Treesloth for extra tree utilities.

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Big thanks from answer from you :yellow_heart:, unfortunately I’m Mac user and plugins no help me to fix it

maybe this is the data structure you are looking for? (19.1 KB)

I’m really struggling what have you did. Because it seem that get the same tree like before and lines also not merge

I want it like 1. branch including this curve ( red ) 2. branch including the other curve ( purple ) and 3.( yellow) branch including last curve

chekc it r u looking for this !


Wau this is working Thanks

the Tree is also changed after flipping unfortunately but it’s something what I can work with it :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who try to help me here is my solution :slight_smile:

Still I don’t know how can I combine two dif. trees in one but maybe later I will understand how can I do this

Maybe you will laugh to me but I just Used Solid Union and for my case works perfectly with merging tree

If you want this result simply use join directly