How to branch-wise merging of two trees?

GH´s trees are killing me…

I want to merge these two trees into one tree in an “branch-wise” fashion. For example, the branch (332) of the merged tree should be generated by appending the branch 332 from the tree on the right to the branch 332 from the tree on the left. In other words, this new merged branch 332 should look like this:

0 1.5
1 -1
2 0
3 0.839363

Canvas at 10;53;52

Thanks and sorry for such a simple question, but I´m not used to trees yet…

As long as your two lists have the same path indices… you can use Merge.

That was one of the first things I´ve tried… But obviously I messed the things up and thought that it was more complicated than it was.
Sorry very much and thanks a lot for your rapid and accurate answer!