How to manually choose which points to form a polyline?

Hi there, I am very curious to learn how to connect these points in a specific way ( showed in attached screen shots). Currently it is only letting me to connect the points in a spiral which is not what I need… Thanks a lot if anyone can shine some light on this topic!

You could use Rhino command Polyline outside of Grasshopper to create the polylines. Or are you required to use Grasshopper?

Yea I would need to use grasshopper for this project I am working on. Since the curvature of the lines are required to be parametrically altered I cannot just use rhino to connect the points to form a polyline.

Can you upload GH files?


Hi there, here is the GH file. The problem is instead of having the points connecting from 0 to 1 and then to 2 and so on, I would like to have the polyline connecting from 0,8,15,24,32,40 etc. Does this make sense at all? Thanks for trying to help! (19.5 KB)

Looks like you just want this:

Flip Matrix (flip), then Polyline (PLine)

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Thanks a lot Adam, this is it! Learning a lot from this forum. Cheers guys!

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