How to connect horizontal points?

Hi !
How to connect ( with line ) horizontal points ?
( I have lines separated by dots, Lines are made from one by copying it )


10-10-10 (6.5 KB)

use the polyline component after the flip matrix.

Also make sure when posting to internalize (right click curve component) any Rhino geometry.

Rickson , thank you very much !

Rickson , Is it possible to use line instead of polyline ?

Скриншот 07-07-2020 152006

I was able to do it

thanks for the idea

Notice that you’re also connecting the purple with the green with what you’re showing on the screen

fyi, you have a list of 3 points, against another list (shifted -2), which will create 3 lines for each branch (points 0-1,0-2,1-2).

Thank you

Ок , Rickson , thank you