How to make this surface without Grasshopper, or if not, how is it done with grasshopper?

Hi There,

I’m trying to find a way of making a complex surface and don’t really have any Grasshopper experience.

I want to create a surface that blends from a flat to many cylindrical extrusions.

Image ‘D’ is what I want to create, I have read up about image ‘C’ mesh from points however I want it to be a NURBS surface and not mesh.

Image ‘A’ and ‘B’ is a basic version I have created in Rhino, trying to show what I want to achieve. Essentially I would like all of the pink surfaces to be one continuous surface with tangency conditions leading into every cylinder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Didn’t we see this same question answered just two days ago?

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This happens rather often. :slight_smile: I believe some schools give assignments with option to use discourse and this results in many similar topics being created in a short span of time.


Thanks all and apologies, I should have searched a bit further. Just wasn’t sure what to search for!

Cheers and will take a good look at this.


Fun with Grasshopper! (28.9 KB)

I didn’t even try to do this on arbitrary curved surfaces.

In the “holed base” group, a Polygon or rectangle instead of a circle could be used as the input to Boundary. In any case, the boundary curve must encompass all the flanges or the surface will fail. Likewise, the “triangular points in circle” group could use a polygon or rectangle instead of a circle to trim points. The two serve different purposes. (27.1 KB)


Thanks Jospeh,

I missed this and haven’t logged on in some time, thanks for your help, it works really well.


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