How to make that? What kind of commands i should use?

If you want all the iterations handled neatly, the I would do it as a python or c# component.

If you know you only want 7 layers of recursion and don’t mind copy and pasting a bit, I think you can do it only the basic math compondnts, rectangle, move geometry and rotate.

If you draw a big circle through the 1-12 squares, are their diagonals all tangents to the circles?

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one method:

  • Draw your smallest diamond shape.
  • Find the appropriate center by drawing two vertical lines from the side points down, and rotate these lines by 15 deg. and -15 deg. The intersection point is the center of everything.
  • Use ArrayPolar to create your inner circle of diamonds.
  • Group the array
  • Use Scale2D to create the next array, set copy to on, select the center as the origin, the nearest point of any diamond as your first reference, one of the side points as your second reference.
  • Rotate the new array by 15 deg. around the center.
  • Repeat ad infinitum :slightly_smiling_face:

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