How to make interface for rhp file made with grasshopper?

Hi, Guys,Im a newbe to grasshopper and python. Im planning to make a small tool with grasshopper and compile it as a rhino plugin(.RHP file), and Id like to make a interface window to make input and adjustment of parameters for that rhp file. so it can run smoothly in Rhino itself and no need to open grasshopper window anymore.(Human UI has to open grasshopper window so its not considered for now)

Is it able to be done by python? Like invoke this Rhp file into a .py file and use eto to make the interface.

You might start here:

– Dale

Thanks Dale.
Ive gone through that page, and learnt how eto works with code inside one .py file. But Im still confused about how eto could(or couldn`t) work with .rhp file invoked from outside. I asume learning more about how to invoke and excute files into python will help.