How to make a Surface of Pyramids/Polyhedrons

Hi, I’m new at rhino and I’m looking for help in a school project
I have to make a figure that looks like this (pictures below), if someone
could tell me which commands I have to put, or if someone has a similar project, I’ll be so grateful
Thank you

Is there a particular reason for having to do this in Grasshopper?
In plain Rhino - which in my opinion would be a necessity to be able to use before trying to do things in GH - you would use a combination of the following commands: Pyramid, Scale, Scale1D, and Rotate. When things have fallen in place you would continue with Trim, Split, and Join.
Just start making something and provide a 3dm file when you get stuck somewhere.

Absolutely. I agree.


Doesnt have to be in grasshoper,
so thank you so much!! it was really helpful!