How to make a site model

Can I get some advice on making a site model? (of downtown Columbus (OH) (the Arena District)

I currently have contours of the site which includes topography/elevational changes (I think I took it from GIS), and am looking at tutorials (mostly involving the Elk plugin for grasshopper) on how to make the buildings. They don’t need to be detailed, and I would be perfectly fine with simple extrusions for buildings. (I seems like Elk’s OSM is pretty handy here)

That said, I would appreciate any advice and tips on how to model the site with topography and buildings. If there are any other plugins, scripts, or commands I should know about to make my life easier, please let me know.

I would advice downloading the map from Cadmapper, unless you want something super-detailed. It works great for site models, and gives you Roads, Buildings, Rivers, Terrain, Parks. City-districts are usually more detailed, so you should be fine.

Here is a quick 44 seconds tutorial on how to do it:


Thanks for the reply! I think I have tried Cadmapper but ended up not using it because it was not super detailed. (since the site map I was trying to create was a smaller area with a lot of small man-made topographic changes (tunnels, bridges, dug out highways, etc.))

For general use though, I think Cadmapper is a quick and efficient solution.

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