How to make a line have control points to match a straight curve?

I need to explain this one !
I have a curve which started out slightly convex, with control points, and after curvature graph tweaking , its almost straight.

It has 10 points, one at either end obviously, one the result of starting tangent, the rest from InterpCrv clicks to a halfcosine template (as per skyg aerofoil method)

If I draw a line same length as this curve and need the same number of control points, firstly I make it degree 3, then I use Insert control points command and click where I see control points on the aforementioned curve (ignoring the tangent one) intersecting with the halfcosine template . I end up with more !

How can I get the same number of control points distributed as I see on the aerofoil section ?

HalfCosine point spacing straight line.3dm (38.9 KB)


The command “Rebuild” will allow you to rebuild a curve with the desired number of points. It just spaces them out as it will though, it doesn’t allow you to select where they go.

Hi Steve, if you run the dashed version of the -_Rebuild command then you’ll get an option _SelectMasterCurve. Then the rebuilt curve will have the same structure as the master curve.

HTH, Jess


Copy your original curve, then use SetPt on your copy (Set y) to make it flat with the identical parameterization.

Hey Jess, I never knew this option. Cool! thanks!

gr, Tobias

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Jess thats exactly what I just needed for a curved aerofoil curve :slight_smile:

I wonder why Rebuild has a - version, when doing aerofoil curves having the same cosine or half cosine spacing is important and that is TIP OF THE WEEK IF NOT YEAR !

skyg thanks for that method for the straight curves, aerofoil port side sorted :smile:


That is such a top tip!

Thank you!!