Bend Curve to Match

I’m trying to trace a drawing, and I need help bending a line to match a curve in the drawing. Here is a screenshot

Seems easy enough; I’m just not finding the correct command. Thanks!

Select curve.
_rebuild command and input number of points desired.
_pointsOn command
Then move the control points around to suit.



Assuming the line is straight line then Rebuild it as a degree 3 curve with 4 points.

PointOn to turn on control points, or EditPtOn to turn on edit points. Then drag control points or edit points until the curve is where you want it to be.

Edit points are easier to learn to use because they curve goes through edit points.

Control points take more practice because a curve usually does not go through interior control points, but they are preferred by many experienced users.

I wound up using a start, end, radius arc in lieu of editing that line. I was able to achieve the desired results. Thanks!