How to locate vanishing point of perspective view?

Hello all

Is there a way to mark with a point object the vanishing point of a perspective viewport?

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Hi Brian - there would generally be multiple vanishing points. But these are not 3d points, they are 2d points in the picture plane so aren’t ‘real’ as far as the model space goes…


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Wouldn’t your eye height be the horizon line and as Pascal said , you would have multiple vanishing points?—-Mark

Pascal, Mark,

Thanks for the replies. Are you saying that Rhino doesn’t have an option for single point perspective?



No there is not.

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The DIY method:

  1. Centre your object at zero on the X axis and draw it parallel to the X axis.
  2. Choose the 2 point perspective view.
  3. Set the Camera X position to 0.
  4. Set the Target X position to 0.
  5. Don’t move.

Single point perspective achieved.

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This is helpful. Thank you

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ok… well there’s that…



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