1 or 2 point perspective for renderings

Which do you prefer? I have always used perspective myself but wonder if 2 point perspective would increase realism. Anyone with experience on this matter?

Hi Roy,

What type of renderings are you considering? Can you post some samples?
In general 2 point perspective (vertical Z always straight) is good for eye-level interiors/architectural images since that’s the way human brain perceives the space… for any other type of images 3 point perspective would be better.


Hi Jarek.

Thanks for the response, I am looking for exterior scenes. Boat shots to be more specific, as the attached.

I dont think 3 point is possible in Rhino? Anyways it seems as when rendering a 2 point view resets to just perspective view, which I guess is 1 point?? One solution is to use the raytraycing in the window set as 2 point perspective I guess

How can I get a 3 point view?

Hi Roy,

To clarify, in Rhino , the ‘regular’ perspective is 3 point perspective, and this is the one I think you should stick with for boat renders to look best and most natural.
2 point perspective maintains the “Z” axis lines as vertical and is mainly used for human eye-level architectural images. In Rhino once you switch to 2 point perspective the camera and target ‘jump’ into same height making for an odd setting… I don’t think you need that mode - there is hardly any vertical lines in the yacht designs ; )

1 point perspective is a special case and not very useful / possible / implemented in Rhino. See the image below for more explanation: