How to link 2 grasshopper files

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I have a question, I’m sure has easy solution, but I can’t find it. I have a Grasshopper master file with many different setups of a Building Energy simulation plugins (Ladybug tools). Since this is getting a bit big, I don’t want to building project there. I would prefer to model in a different file for each project. Then at the moment of simulation, I import/recall each building separately.

Is there any way to link/import/recall information (in this case a building model) to grasshopper from another grasshopper file? Or maybe a way around?


Data Output and Data Input

Exactly!! I knew it was something simple, just called diferently in Grasshopper.

Thanks a lot @Joseph_Oster

Just be very careful about removing and/or renaming data “channels”, they are not name/value pairs and will behave badly if misused.

  1. I usually copy and modify Data Output components, esp. a ‘data version’ part of the filename, when making major changes to a list of data channels (remove or re-sequence).
  2. Then make a new Data Input component referring to the new filename version and manually transfer wires from the old Data Input to the new, one at a time.

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On Rhino 7, you could try the Hops component: