How to limit Voronoi a boundary (4.1 KB)
I have been trying to get the Voronoi to be trimmed by the boundary of the girl’s silhouette. Can someone tell me how to do it. I have tried every which way!
Plugging the border to the " Boundary" does not work
I tried all the intersect commands!
Please help!
I am quite advance on Rhino but I am learning Grasshopper and it is
very frustrating!

Hover on the Boundary input and you can read that the boundary has to be a rectangle.

Since this does not solve your problem, you can use Trim with Region to split the curves and output just the curves within your boundary.

Please note, the input curve is internalized in the Curve component. The Rhino file is not required for this definition anymore. (23.2 KB)

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Mademoiselle Shape.3dm (763.7 KB)
Following my previous message for help

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Thanks Martin. Very well explained.

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