How to know those importing rhinoobjects when I import the file?

I’m import one or more 3dm files.
I want to get those importing rhinoobjects, mesh, face, line and so on.
How to do it ?

How do you import the file? Do you use the import command or do you open the file in code using File3dm.Read?

I import the file by Runscript.
Like below.

String sScript = String.Format("! _-Import {0} _S=_N _Enter", openFileDlg.FileName);
uint FirstSN = RhinoObject.NextRuntimeSerialNumber;
RhinoApp.RunScript( sScript, false );
uint LastSN = RhinoObject.NextRuntimeSerialNumber;

I guess you could do, after import:

List<RhinoObject> imported = new List<RhinoObject>();
foreach(RhinoObject obj in doc.Objects)
   if (obj.RuntimeSerialNumber >= FirstSN && obj.RuntimeSerialNumber < LastSN)

Then, test the imported objects to see what they represent:

foreach(RhinoObject obj in imported)
        case (ObjectType.Mesh):
            //handle mesh
        case (ObjectType.Curve):
            // handle curve
         default: // unhandled types

Thank you for help.
It’s been a while.:mask: