How to know if a new document can be opened without requiring a save?

My Goal
I want to open any empty rhino document as part of a series of integration tests.

Where I get stuck
As it stands, I need to know if a Rhino Document needs saving or not so I can open an empty one. But I have no way to know if the current document needs to be saved or not. I could of course call doc.Save() but I don’t want to save the document in this case as this adds unnecessary time to the tests and often I don’t want to save the modified file.

Condition if the file needs saving

RhinoApp.RunScript("-Open N <file>", true);

Condition if the file does not need saving

RhinoApp.RunScript("-Open <file>", true);

My ideal code

var templateDirectory = Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings.TemplateFolder;
var template = Directory.GetFiles(templateDirectory, "*.3dm").FirstOrDefault();
string NorNot = doc.NeedsToSave() ? "N" : "";
RhinoApp.RunScript($"-Open {NorNot} \"{template}\"", true);

– cs

Use RhinoDoc.Modified to determine is a file needs to be saved

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