How to interrupt each other for the given curves in rhino python

Hello,I am a beginner and I have encountered some difficulties。
For the given number of curves, I want to interrupt each other.
I don’t know which function I should use.
It ried use the “rs.splitcurve” but failed.
So,what shou I do?

Its a bit hard to help you without some context.
What is the end goal of the script?


Hi @李丙跃

Not sure if I understand it correctly.
I saw you used a line-line intersection so I guess you are dearling with lines. (2.9 KB)

OK,thank you, :smile: I will provide enough message next time。

thank you ,The code what you provide solute my problem,I will try to improve my coding .
and I’m sorry for taking so long to see your reply.thanks again