How to install human ui 0.8.7

HI! I’m a new user in many ways but I have been experimenting with the Human UI ( for over a year now. However, I recently ran into some issues customizing so I was hoping to upgrade to the latest version with patches (0.8.7), for both rhino 6 & 7if possible, from Github. (GitHub - andrewheumann/humanui)

Embarrassing enough, I have no idea how or what to download and install from the repository lol, as it was easy to install with an installer file. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

the best way to get it these days is with the package manager. I’m tired of building installers :upside_down_face:
that’s PackageManager command in Rhino 7, and TestPackageManager in Rhino 6. Search for Human UI and install!

Hope that helps