How to install a Rhino in a different folder / drive



Hi fallows…

Can anyone help me to install Rhino5 on my SSD disk (I hope that this will shorten a Rhino start up time). I didn’t find any one option where I could click something different than “NEXT” to show other folder or drive as a destination for installation…

Thank’s in advance


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Dimetro- see



Oooh… Thank’s!!!

Last time I install Rhino - I use latest service release installation, and that one - do not provide an option to change a destination of installation.

Thank’s one more time!

(Courtney Reckord) #4

Hi @pascal ! I wonder if you can help me with the second step of this- I was able to follow your instructions but not I am not sure how to access the program from the SSD. thanks!