How to insert block that exists in other file


I’d like to insert only blocks that exists in other file.

  1. I import other file as blocks.(but I want to use entire file)
  2. I can see parts blocks that exists in file in block manager by checking option (Reference block)
    But I cannot select these parts blocks in “Insert” Command because they are not in Dropdown List box.

How can I do that ?

Select all blocks and copy&paste it to the other file?

Hi Katsu- for now, Explode an instance of the top level block- the sub blocks will be available then as objects, and in the dropdown list for Insert. You can delete the exploded parts, they will stay in the available block list for Insert.


I’d like to know one thing.

Does that way keep update link to original file ?

Does this have any relation to the blocks being referenced rather then linked with the ability to get them from the dropdown list of “insert block” ?