How to increase squish precision

I am working on a project about creating flatten form of a semi-complex surface. I’ve tested unroll, UnrolUV, smash and squish commands. We have the nearest flatten surface with squish command (compressMostly as Deformation parameter). Is there any way to increase the precision of extracted flatten surface?
Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Squish parameters:

I’ve tested squish with multiple set of isocurves.

My file is provided as attachment.
TestForm.3dm (748.8 KB)


you can try to create a fine mesh from the surface and squish that instead. I’ve used these mesh settings:


For your surface it gave me these values using your parameters:

Area: contracts 2.967% (3d area is smaller)
Compression: average=12.04%, maximum=59.72% (in 4% of pattern)
Expansion: average=4.40%, maximum=15.44% (in 96% of pattern)

Using a fine mesh it changed to these results:

Area: expands 4.039% (3d area is larger)
Compression: average=12.73%, maximum=26.68% (in 0.1% of pattern)
Expansion: average=13.41%, maximum=28.61% (in 100% of pattern)

not sure if this is better, but the outer border looks less noisy.


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Many thanks for your attention. Ive tested your approach and really, we have better border
looks less noisy.

But the issue of size has not yet been resolved.
We have an error of approximately 47 mm.
I know two lines on both surface should not be equal but, ~47mm is not a good estimation.

You may need ExactFlat plugin:

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Many thanks @Andrew_Nowicki
I request it and i will test it asap.

Hi @seyyed_reza_Hosseini,

if you compare the isocurves (i’ve extracted 10 in each U and V direction from the original Nurbs surface) and then squished them with the Surface, they look very distorted. When squished with a fine mesh, this became a almost perfect parallel grid.

The deviation in length is to be expected since the form has a double curvature which in general cannot be unrolled or flattened without deviating from the original. You may try to measure other sections as well and maybe scale the overall result if all sections are too large or too small. I would not rely too much on the results when using Squish as a flattening tool. It is an approximation.

PS. If you try ExactFlat, please post the results. It may be interesting for others to compare.


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Yes, I got it

Yes, Sure
I will present the results.

Hello - I don’t know if it is allowed or your process, but splitting heavily curved surfaces into slices can be helpful.

TestForm_PG.3dm (737.2 KB)


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