How to import scipy in GHPython

I have tried to import scipy via using pip install in the ‘sys’ directory.

However, instead of obtaining the .py file, a new folder is inside (scipy folder).

When importing it in GHPython (import scipy), this message is obtained: Runtime error (SyntaxErrorException): unexpected token 'from'

Hi Alfredo,

Please this guide for using packages in the Rhino 8 ScriptEditor

Thanks @Japhy, but I do not have Rhino 8. I have 7 version instead.

That requires python 3.9 which wouldn’t be supported in Rhino 7 environment.

It’s not so much a version issue, but that GHPython is IronPython, which is not directly compatible with e.g. numpy and scipy.

Ok, so updating to Rhino 8 is necessary to import scipy…

There are workarounds (try doing a search here on Discourse), but none of them are particularly worthwhile. If you can, the path of least resistance is likely to upgrade to Rhino 8.