How to Identifying and Removing Non-Passed Boxes in a Simulated Stack

Hi guys,I have used Wasp to simulate a stack of boxes that I desire, and then used tOpos to simulate
the necessary structures.

My question is, how can I identify the boxes that have been passed through and delete the other boxes that haven’t been passed through?
I have tried taking the intersection of the two, but what I want is to keep a complete box instead of just the portion that has been passed through.


I’ve not used the plugins or methods you describe but if the boxes are the same general size/position overlapping you could use the centroids of the boxes to get a list of points for the stacked and un stacked boxes, then use cull duplicates component (leave one), and then cull or filter the boxes based on the index returned from the cull duplicates component.

If you share a gh file with your box geometry and wasp stacked box geometry internalized it would be easier to help you.

Thank you for your response, Michael Vollrath.

I initially thought of using the center point of the box, but I don’t know how to proceed from there.

Attached is my GH and rhino file.
Thank you for your willingness to assist.
tOpos (51.2 KB)

Hi Liualmn,

Please reattach your GH script with all of your input geometry internalized.

To internalize, right click on the nodes and choose “Internalize”, save, and reupload please.

Thank you!

Thanks for your explanation, @michaelvollrath .
Here is the latest version of the GH file with all input geometry internalized.
Thank you again for your help.
tOpos (477.3 KB)

Can you also please internalize the output data of the wasp simulation stack?
I don’t have the plugins, can’t install them, and probably won’t if I could anyways.

If you give me the geometry output internalized I can help you with the logic of culling the boxes.


Thank you for your patience, @michaelvollrath
Here is the latest version of the GH file.
Wishing you a good day.
tOpos (547.0 KB)

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Is this what you are after?

Since your wasp meshes and boxes are slightly different sizes, it’s difficult to be exact with the result but this will approximate it.

If you upload a version with the Wasp result meshes as their original per box mesh list (instead of one joined mesh) I can get you more accurate results probably.

Pink = Remaining Boxes, Purple=Culled Boxes:

Hope this helps in the mean time!
20230529_tOpos (934.7 KB)


Thank you for your assistance @michaelvollrath . That is exactly what I needed.
The current version meets my requirements.
I am extremely grateful for your help!

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Wonderful, happy to have helped!