How to group points by there position similarity

how to group points by there position (10.5 KB)

I like to find an easy way to group points in cases like this by their position similarity.
For example, the members in group 0 share the same X and Z coordinates, so they can be grouped together. (But If the members share only one of the XYZ coordinates not two, they should be ignored)

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I see, I see…
I changed the wrong part of the description.
So in short, I just like to find a cleverer way to group points to share the same coordinates.

If points A and B have the same XY or XZ or YZ, they should be grouped. But if they only share one of XYZ, should be ignored.

Is a py script fine or you want a native gh ? @Quan_Li

Python script is OK, Thank you!

Would using Point Groups get you what you want?



Point group

Haha, Thank you very much! These two problems have been bugging me quite a while. Never thought the solution is this simple. Thanks a lot!